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A little in love with our natural world...



I’m Megan, or Patch as I’m better known by my family. My love of animals   has been deep rooted within me since I was a child, and paved the way towards me gaining my BSC Honours degree in Wildlife Conservation, and creating a rather large, but wonderful animal family.


In 2017 I took the plunge and created myself a little patch of the internet to share my thoughts and knowledge on all things wildlife and environment based, and Patch The World was born.

​Three years on and I am now a country park ranger and a sustainable business owner.  I am at the beginning of my sustainable living journey with a long way still to go, however every little change is an achievement! I hope to inspire and educate as I develop my knowledge and skills, documenting my experiences and providing insights to opportunities that allow people to reconnect with wildlife and realise the crucial role we must collectively play to start 'patching' up our world and ensure our future is very much filled with wild life.

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